Apple Muffins

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not so fond of fruits. I need coercion, lots of coercion to eat my daily dose of fruits. If they are in some other form such as a juice or a smoothie, all the better. So, when my friend gifted me a fruit bowl, I wasn’t sure what to … More Apple Muffins

Paneer bhurji

There are many different ways of cooking paneer and the bhurji style is the easiest version. The preparation is very similar to scrambled eggs, but you optionally add more spices to the bhurji. I made some paneer bhurji last night and it took me less than 15 minutes. Paneer Bhurji Serves 2 Ingredients Paneer- 1.5 … More Paneer bhurji

Blueberry cupcakes

I haven’t had the time to blog for a bit due to some academic commitments and deadlines and I’ve been really missing making all those sumptuous food. Well, the semester has finally ended and I can now get back to all that cooking and baking I’ve been keeping for summer. To celebrate the end of … More Blueberry cupcakes

Bread upma

I get bored of bread very easily and often look for ways to spice it up and make it interesting. As a kid, my mom used to make this delicious form of bread upma which I used to pack and take to school. It is an easy breakfast item, or a quick snack for tea … More Bread upma

Kotthu roti

There are days when you still want to eat healthy but you are just too tired to spend more than ten minutes making dinner. Today was one such day. That’s when I decided to make ‘Kotthu roti’. There are different avatars of this dish which originated among the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. The one … More Kotthu roti